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Passport Health The Vaccine People with eight Central Texas locations www.passporthealthusa.com Influenza immunization consent Flu. Influenza (flu) is a respiratory disease caused by influenza virus
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Hello hello hello Jordan here reportingfor duty on January 6th and I want to dothis specific video for you here todaybecause I have seen a huge push in themainstream media especially over thepast few days for all of us to get ourflu shot mm-hmm it's flu season andthere's been a few flu outbreaks sothere's this huge propaganda push forall of usto inject ourselves with all the poisonsso in this video I'm gonna give you guysa few friendly reminders here on thevaccine topic that you can utilize tounderstand this topic a little bitbetter and that you can also remember soyou can pass them on to family andfriends to get them to reject the jab soI'm gonna discuss with you some of thethings that's injected into us in theseshots I'm gonna tell you guys what theyactually do to our mute systems the trueways to lessen the chances of gettingeffect infectious disease and also a fewfriendly tips by way of supplements thatyou guys can utilize if you want toprotect yourself more so so before weget into all of this information thoughI want you guys to always rememberalways always remember this mostmainstream science is and thatis truly most of it right and that goesfor all industries that goes for physicsthat goes for history two things youguys hear me talk about all the time andthat especially goes for the informationthat comes at us by way of thehealthcare and pharmaceutical industriesbecause understand folks there's nomoney in a healthy person there's alsono money in a dead person there's onlymoney in sick people that you cancontrol whose brain doesn't work so theydon't figure out the stick right and I'mgonna offer you guys two quotesquick here before we move on and thesetwo quotes come from two people who usedto be extremely high up in thescientific research realm right theywere actually former editors of twomassive health journals researchjournals one being The Lancet the otherone being the New England Journal ofMedicine and the first quote comes toyou by way of Richard Horton who was theformer editor of The Lancet I have thequote here that I'm I read to you and itsays much of the scientific literatureperhaps half may simply be untrueafflicted by studies with small samplesizes tiny effects invalid exploratoryanalysis and flagrant conferenceconflicts of interest important onestheir flagrant conflicts of interestvery easy to get those in apeer-reviewed research together with anobsession for pursuing fashionabletrends of dubious importance science hastaken a turn towards darkness understandthat guys it's very easy to fib researchthese days as much as people want tograsp to science and grasp toauthorities a lot of authorities areactually misled or they're happy andcomplicit in doing the misleading Idon't want to get into all of theconflicts of interests that dr. PaulOffit and dr. Richard Penn who are toobig mainstream science...